Seven Practical Tips to Grow Your Business


New Zealand businesses are expanding, especially in the cities of Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti. Your Wellington business expansion plans can be greatly supported by commercial loans, provided by banks and other Wellington financial institutions. Take advantage of the following practical tips to grow your business:

1. Get Organised

The first tip to successfully grow your business is to get organised. Being organised on all fronts allows a business to finish tasks on time, while making efficient use of all available resources. How can your business get organised? Begin by creating a to-do list for every department. Ask them to show you the list of completed tasks, checked off on a spreadsheet by a predetermined time. Ensuring all tasks are systemised, allows for growth and expansion to occur. Being organised is the foundation successful businesses are built upon.

2. Maintain Detailed Records

Growing your business can only happen when you get smart about maintaining detailed records. Accurate record-keeping allows you to gain an understanding about the financial standing of your business and the possible challenges you might face in the short and long term. Having sufficient time allows your business to build strategies and overcome any obstacles that may prevent your business from growing successfully.

3. Be Creative

Business growth is impossible without innovation. If you want to increase your reach and target a wider range of customers, you need to look for ways to enhance your product or service offerings. To gain an edge over your competitors, it is important to consider new approaches and ideas.

4. Analyse Your Competition

A business cannot undertake expansion without analysing existing competition. By understanding your competitors, you can learn a lot. Which areas do they excel in? Research what they are doing to see if you can implement the same concepts in your business. In order to get a comprehensive understanding of your competitors undertake
market research and fieldwork to discover the opportunities for growth you may be missing out on.

5. Consider Physical Expansion

Before expanding into other locations carry out detailed planning and research to manage physical expansion carefully. Analyse both consumer and economic trends to gauge an understanding about your firm’s staying power. Ensure your management and administrative system are capable of physical expansion. Before setting up in multiple locations, remember to create a business plan.

6. Form Strategic Alliances

Which existing groups already have a similar target market to you? It is smart to align your business with similar businesses where you can both benefit. For instance, if you sell sportswear, you could team up with popular gyms in your city and sell your products through them. In return, popular gyms get to advertise their services to your client base ensuring a win-win solution.

7. Seek Financial Help

Whether you are thinking about expanding globally or to a few selected areas in your country, you will need the funds to support increased operations and productivity. Businesses usually need to invest in a bigger workforce, increased inventory and advanced machinery and equipment in order to grow and expand. This need can be met with the help of commercial loans in Wellington. Business lending in Wellington is increasingly popular with a greater demand for business expansion in the areas of Porirua and Kapiti.

Is now the time to expand your business and grow it to the next level? Talk to Oxford Finance today about a commercial loan. To find out more, visit today.

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