What Kind of Documentation is Required When Buying a NZ Used Car


Paperwork isn’t exactly the most interesting part of buying a used car. But it is critical that you understand what documents are involved in the process and how they protect buyers’ rights. You’ll be encountering different documents along the way – from the seller/dealership, the car finance company Wellington, and the insurer (if you decide to get comprehensive or third-party or theft insurance for your vehicle). Here’s a look at some important documentation and what they stipulate.

Warrant of fitness or ‘as is where is’
If you’re purchasing a pre-owned car from a dealership, it must come with a current ‘Warrant of Fitness’ that’s at least one month old. A private seller can sell without this warrant, in which case, he/she must declare it ‘as is, where is’. It means that the seller won’t confirm if the car will start or whether or not it has any hidden faults, and that the buyer is responsible for moving the car after making the purchase. Here’s where a thorough vehicle inspection goes a long way in alerting you to unseen and potential problems.

Consumer information notice (CIN)
Every motor vehicle advertised for sale must have a CIN card that provides information about the vehicle. This includes the dealer’s name and address, the car’s price, the make, model, engine capacity, odometer reading, any re-registration on the vehicle, and more. Make sure that the dealer gives you a copy of the CIN.

Transfer of ownership
A new Certificate of Registration is issued every time a vehicle is sold. Buyers must complete the Notice of Acquisition (M13B) and either hand over the form to the NZTA or notify the same online. You must also request an acquisition of transfer receipt and show it to the seller as proof of the change of ownership.

Loan agreement
The car loans NZ company must describe all the key terms of the loan in an agreement, and confirm that you have understood your obligation as well as theirs, before signing on the dotted line.

Insurance policy
After you get a car loan in Kapiti, you may want protection against future damage to your vehicle, with an insurance policy. The insurance carrier must provide an insurance policy document outlining all the details, terms and conditions about the coverage.

Finance Your Next Car with Ease and Confidence

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