How to Achieve Your Bucket List Goals


A bucket list is a collection of activities a person hopes to do before they die. Having a written list of goals helps people stay on track and know they are accomplishing something in life. Many people write these lists as they near retirement and have a lot more free time on their hands. Others start their list when they are younger and have more time to save for big adventures. No matter when a person starts their bucket list, it’s essential to plan for the cost to achieve each goal. Some goals will cost money while others may require a significant investment of time.

Make the List

A good bucket list consists of adventures involving travelling, items that promote learning, and challenges that build personal relationships. People should take some time and reflect on what they want out of the rest of their lives before writing their bucket list. Fortunately, this kind of list is not set in stone, so items can be added, changed, or deleted at any time. Married couples should work together to ensure both of them are able to do everything they want, both individually and together.

Determine the Cost

The first step to achieving the goals included on a bucket list is determining how much each item will cost. It’s essential to be as accurate as possible to ensure there is enough money available for each adventure. Careful planning is helpful in making investment decisions. More-affordable bucket list items might be paid for out of personal savings, whereas expensive trips or adventures might require investing for a number of years.

Consider Investment Options

There are a number of ways to accumulate the money needed to complete a bucket list. Many people plan for their expensive activities far in advance so they don’t have to stress about it when the time is right. By working with a professional who understands personal finance in NZ, a person who has a long list of adventures they want to complete can get a good idea of what it will take to get the money they need to make their dreams realities. The stock market is the ideal place for long term investments but other options are much better for short term savings.

Financing a Bucket List

Depending on the time a person has to travel, start a business, or complete any other item on their bucket list, they may need to borrow money. Personal loans in NZ are one option for financing. People who weren’t able to save the necessary funds in time to accomplish goals, and who don’t have any family or friends who will give them the money they need, don’t have to forgo any items on their bucket list. By borrowing the money and paying it back over time, individuals and couples can live their dreams without the stress of trying to save and wait for years to cross one item off the list.

Reevaluate Goals

Goals and aspirations often change over time. An item that someone put on their bucket list when they were 20 might not seem very important when they retire. By reviewing the goals from time to time and changing them if necessary, a person can ensure they do everything they set out to do in life. This periodic evaluation is also necessary to make sure there is enough money to achieve all the goals on the bucket list.

Many people have big goals but don’t have a lot of income. When it comes to a bucket list, using the available financing options from Oxford Finance ( can help you get the most out of your life even if you don’t have the cash to do it on your own. We work with people in all kinds of financial situations and help them get the cash they need to travel, start businesses, or achieve any other goal they might have dreamed of. Contact a knowledgeable lending professional from Oxford Finance today to get started on the path to reaching your lifelong goals and crossing items off of your personal bucket list.

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