How to Start A Business in New Zealand


Men and women looking to open their own businesses often focus on certain aspects of achieving this goal. For example, a person may spend countless hours looking into business lending in NZ, but completely overlook the marketing needed to get the business off the ground. Following are some things, other than finance in New Zealand, that every business owner needs to be aware of.

Understanding The Characteristics Of A Successful Business Owner

To be successful in business, a person needs certain characteristics. First and foremost, they must be passionate about what they are doing. Those who aren’t often give up when they are confronted by their first challenge. Sacrifices need to be made when the business is new, as money may be tight and time limited. These sacrifices will be worth it in the long run. Business owners have to be good when it comes to managing risk simply because it may take a period of time before the revenue flow becomes steady. Furthermore, the entrepreneur needs to be persistent, even when things aren’t going their way, and must be willing to acquire new skills to keep the business up and running.

Ask For Help

Don’t make the mistakes others have made. Ask for help when starting a business. With numerous issues to deal with, including compliance, payroll, resource consents, and more, a new business owner often feels overwhelmed. A mentor becomes of great help at this time, as they provide advice on these issues. An accountant is a good place to start because they work with small businesses regularly. They will be able to answer many of the questions new business owners have.

Research The Competition

Entrepreneurs need to know what they are up against. Who are the main competitors? How is the new company different and how it will better meet the needs of the target audience? Answering questions such as these is critical to establishing a foothold in a crowded field. This information must then be communicated to consumers through marketing.

With the help of small business loans in NZ, you will find you can get your business up and running quickly. A reputable NZ finance company, Oxford Finance ( works with clients to find the best solution for their needs. We will happily do the same for you, as we want to see you achieve your dream of being your own boss.


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